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People Fake Orgasm for the Following Reasons

If you are reading this article, chances are you have faked an orgasm at least once in your life. Yes, according to research conducted by the Department of Psychology, Temple University, 64 per cent of the people have faked an orgasm at least once in their life. While women are more likely to fake the Big O, men have also admitted to faking climax.

Since it is not easy to understand why exactly men and women fake orgasms, we dwell into possible reasons for make-believe orgasms.

To please their partner

You love your partner, but he/she isn’t especially gifted when it comes to getting the fireworks started down there. So, you even when you don’t feel a thing, you fake a big O to make him/her feel validated and to avoid making them feel bad. A lot of times, people also fake it to ensure that their partner experiences a back-arching orgasm.

To experience more pleasure

There is hardly anything more pleasurable than a knee-jerking orgasm. But what if you are not able to experience a spine-tingling, toe-curling orgasm? Easy, you fake it, till you make it. Making loud moaning sounds and the rush of excitement that comes from faking it may just take you a step closer to the real deal. Additionally, those moaning sounds can also help to stimulate arousal.


To get it done with

What do you do when you are clearly not enjoying the slobbery sex session? Since, there is no actual way to say, "Excuse me, this is way too dull for me," between the action, people do the next best thing to make it end--fake an orgasm. After all, nobody wants an awkward post-coital confrontation about how they seemed disinterested in the sex.

There are also times when you are simply not enjoying the sex or it is too painful for you, so you fake satisfaction to get it done with.

The bottom line

If you believe that your partner is faking it (or you have to make-believe orgasms), maybe it is time to have an honest conversation. Things can be made better by simply guiding each other (even during sex) to experience better lovemaking sessions. If talking about the same is a bit too uncomfortable for you, you can simply guide your partner’s hand to where ever you would like to be touched and vice-versa.

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