Osu Caste System is a complete system of slavery, we have been on the Race to Abolish it - Igbo Monarchs

osu caste system
The OSU Caste system in Igbo Tribe of Nigeria has generated some issues over the paste centuries. Ranging from Cancellation of married for people involved, etc.
A group of traditional rulers from the South East has thrown their weight behind the effort to eradicate the discriminatory Osu Caste system in some parts of Igbo land, describing the practice as evil. The monarchs, operating under the umbrella of South East Traditional Rulers on Mission, SETROM, said Osu Caste practice has been “ravaging our people”.
According to Vanguard, at a press briefing in Umuahia, the coordinator of the group, Eze Ogbuka Origa of Okorie Ogori in Abam, Arochukwu Council of Abia State, said the monarch in Abia State would soon meet with the state House of Assembly for the purpose of enacting a law against Osu Caste system
According to him, since the abolition of slave trade several years ago, there was no reason why Osu would still be practiced in any part of Igbo land. “Osu is a complete system of slavery. It is Ohu in our area, which translates to slavery. We have been on the race to abolishing it. We have joined our colleagues in other parts of Igbo land towards eradicating Osu caste system completely in Abia State and in Igbo land as a whole”, Eze Origa said. He said the discrimination attendant to the practice of Osu has helped to hamper development as it bars certain elements in some communities from coming together to think and forge a common front for development of their communities. “We have met several times on the issue and condemned the practice as evil. I have consulted with the chairman of Abia State Council of traditional rulers, Eze Eberechi Dick and he condemned it too. 
 Recall that this have been an ending effort toward abolishing this OSU caste system. And we hope it gets abolished this time.
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