Prince Danda arrested for collection of female student’s pants


 “I derive orgasm from the female pants I steal” says a university student who steals female pants.

A Media and Society Studies student of Midlands State University, Zimbabwe who stole female pants is reported to have told Gweru regional courts that he derives orgasm from the pants.

According to Pulse, Prince Danda was reportedly arrested on Monday, and a collection of pants belonging to colleague female students was found in his possession. He was arraigned and has been reportedly sentenced to community service on Wednesday.

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An incident of this kind in an African setting would normally trigger suspicion that the suspect intended to use the female pants for some fetish rituals. However, when the suspect appeared before the court, he revealed that he uses the pants to satisfy his own sexual desires.

Pulse reports that he allegedly explained to the police that he would often sniff the underwear to feel the female scent and be sexually aroused, reported.

He added that once he has much desired female scent, while imagining himself having sexual intercourse with the owners, he reaches orgasm.

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