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Swapcoinz (SPAZ) Cryptocurrency, the innovative Playground Solution

I wrote about Crypto Currencies the other time, analyzing the relationships between cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Today, I will be talking about a promising currency called Swapcoinz.


Use case is very important in crypto world. Any crypto currency without a use case is as useless as the Zimbabwean trillion dollar not, lol, don’t mind me.

So many of us missed bitcoin at its early  stage, but it will be most regrettable if we miss Swapcoinz, yes, just hold on. Lets take some beer, lol…


Swapcoinz is a Crypto Currency under the ethereum (ERC-20) blockchain,, that will be used as a payment currency to access all the swap play amusement parks in the whole of Africa. Wow! Sounds cool right? Hold on, am not yet through.

 Swapcoinz is the number one innovative playground solution for African kids. Swapcoinz have the welfare of children at heart. They are committed to nurturing the play, imagination and early learning in children while  providing a clean safe environment for children to explore and have fun to the maximum. Sounds great right?

 Vision Statement

Swapcoinz’s  vision is to be the preferred amusement park for children, young adults and adults who want something exciting and unique, and to be a secure place for the users

Mission Statement

Swapcoinz’s sole mission is to bridge between families and business, making is easier for parents to answer their children and also ensure we are above the regular amusement parks by offering all visitors exciting entertainment different from the regular amusement parks in Ilorin – Kwara State and the in the whole of Nigeria as well.

Swapcoinz Products and Services

  • Swapplay Amusement Park: Swapcoinz intend to be involved in all forms of services asides offering the basic entertainment services for all our various customers.

Some of the services we intend to offer include;

  • • Sale of Swap Access card to customers seeking entry into the park
  • • Development of on-site accommodation such as resorts
  • • Sale of spaces to commercial businesses and stores
  • • Merchandise sales
  • • Advertising
  • • Coin-operated games
  • • Commission income from third party exhibitors
  • • Fees for hosting parties and other events
  • • Parking fees
  • • Consultancy services
  • • Franchise
  • • Training


Swapcoinz are optimistic that everyone who make use of our SwapPlay playground facilities will definitely derive maximum fun and of course good value for their money and time. These are  the  services  and  amenities  that  will  be  made  available  to  our  clients  in  our  SwapPlay playground  facilities:

  • Varieties of ride on toys for children
  • Child care services
  • Amusement and recreational services
  • Ceramic Paintings
  • Spas for Children
  • Game Dungeons
  • Bouncy Castle
  • Managing SwapPlay playgrounds and gymnastics centers
  • Providing gymnastics instruction
  • Providing dance instruction
  • Providing swimming instruction
  • Providing additional children’s Play activities instruction
  • Other related SwapPlay playground facility operations.

SwapPlay is in the Children's  Play  Center  industry  and  SwapPlay  playground  line  of  business  to provide  children's  Play  center, entertainment and  recreation facility  for  kids  and families in Africa  which is why we have been able to put up an SwapPlay    playground facility that  can help us achieve the goal.



During  the  crowd-sale, 55%  of   all  SPAZ  Tokens  sold  for  purchase  will   be  used  in SwapCoinz  Project  development,  including  and  not  limited  to creating  usability  channels of  SwapCoinz  (Such  as  SwapStores  Creations  and  Sponsoring).  8% of  all  SPAZ  Tokens sold  will   be  apportioned   to  dissemination  of   bug  abundance,  business  advancement, group  ventures  and  market  extension.  19% of  all  SPAZ tokens  sold  will  be  allocated  to our   Bounty   /   Promo   reward   scheme,  while  6%  will   be   given   to  Charity   (Homeless Children  and  Orphans  in  3 Major  African  Cities  which  will  be  selected  randomly).  8% will be dispersed to SwapCoinz's organizers, early financial specialists, and representatives as an impetus to making an enduring common interest and commitment to the tokens and their drawn-out value. While the remaining 2% will servefor Legal Advisors.


Contract Address:0x8f9bfe5b6a5c3fea8c64ad41a5cf6f60ec4aa47city

Total Supply         : 30,000,000

Token Ticker        : SPAZ

Token Name        : Swapcoinz

Blockchain           : ETH

Website                : https://swapcoinz.io

In their bid to appreciate the value and demand of swapcoinz, they have introduce a wonderful strategy added to the ones they already have.

This new product is called SPZ BuyBack Program. It is a unique and yet innovative approach designed to make everyone have instant benefit for supporting our Vision and Project. 


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