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Logicman TV is a film production, entertainment, education, and motivational company in Nigeria. Logicman TV was launched in May 2018, and is fully registered in Nigeria as a Company. We are a versatile Entertainment galore, our videos cuts across every genre which include: Feature films, Comedy, Tragedy, Motivational, Religious, Short Films, Documentary, etc.

We are interested in putting a smile to your face always, and to do that, we release very funny comedy videos every Saturdays on YouTube and on our social media platforms.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading entertainment company in Africa.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring entertainment to your doorstep at no cost.


At LOGICMAN TV, we produce films for clients, television platform, executive producers, churches, YouTube and several video on demand platforms. We have team of qualified and talented actors and crew.

LOGICMAN TV specializes in all aspects of video production and creative design to help a variety of clients maximize their visual marketing presence. It's not just about having "more content", it's about having targeted, effective and meaningful content to help you connect with your prospective clients.

Knowing your audience and knowing the story you want to tell are both key factors in creating successful video marketing campaigns. Let LOGICMAN TV help create and sharpen your visual communication arsenal.

Our aim is to evoke emotion and effective communication of ideas through creative visual storytelling. We help you:

  • Establish who your target audience is,
  • How to best reach them and ultimately,
  • What story you want to tell.

Then we execute.

We promise you a successful business relationship.

We do not only strive for a great product - but we pride ourselves on the level of responsiveness, customer support and follow up you will receive along the way.

To create an effective video shoot, Contact Us!

For More Information, contact us.

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