Why People Fake Orgasm


There's a good chance that if you're reading this, you've faked an orgasm at least once. Yes, 64% of people have faked an orgasm at least once in their lives, according to research from Temple University's Department of Psychology. Men have also admitted to fabricating climax, though women are more likely to fake the Big O.

We focus on potential causes of fake orgasms because it is difficult to understand why men and women do it.

To Please their partner

Although you love your partner, he or she isn't particularly skilled at starting the fireworks down there. In order to avoid hurting their feelings and to make them feel validated, you pretend to feel something even when you don't. People frequently pretend to be intoxicated in order to give their partner a back-arching orgasm.

To experience more pleasure
There are few things more enjoyable than a sudden orgasm. But what if you are unable to have a toe-curling, spine-tingling orgasm? It's simple: fake it 'til you make it. Making loud moaning noises and the ecstatic rush that results from acting it out might just move you one step closer to the real thing.

To complete it quickly

What do you do when the slobbery sex session is obviously not fun for you? Since there is no real way to interrupt an action and say, "Excuse me, this is way too dull for me," people fake an orgasm in an attempt to put an end to it. Nobody wants an awkward post-coital argument about how they made the sex seem uninteresting, after all.
Other times, you may simply not be enjoying the sex or find it to be too painful, in which case you may fake satisfaction to get the act over with.

The conclusion

It might be time to have an open discussion if you think your partner is lying to you (or if you have to pretend to have orgasms). Simply helping each other have better lovemaking sessions, even during sex, can improve things. If talking about the same thing makes you feel a little awkward, you can just point your partner's hand in the direction you want it to go and vice versa.

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