How to Use Nairaland to Place Targeted Ads


Nigerians frequent the well-known online forum and advertising portal Nairaland. Nairaland is a good option if you run a business and want to use sponsored ads to connect with customers. I previously wrote a post titled Everything You Need to Know About Nairaland Targeted Ads (Click To Read before you proceed)


March 2018: 6,053,091 unique visitors, 28,481,197 visits. 219,077,675 pageviews. 31 days.

April 2018: 5,614,819 unique visitors, 27,908,602 visits. 223,686,789 pageviews. 30 days.

May 2018: 5,879,882 unique visitors, 30,342,525 visits. 239,389,974 pageviews. 31 days.

June 2018: 5,492,839 unique visitors, 30,915,380 visits. 252,307,809 pageviews. 30 days.

July 2018: 5,370,067 unique visitors, 31,439,728 visits. 257,002,125 pageviews. 31 days.

August 2018: 5,334,995 unique visitors, 31,009,114 visits. 263,654,926 pageviews. 31 days.

September 2018: 5,455,349 unique visitors, 30,168,024 visits. 244,946,722 pageviews. 30 days.

October 2018: 5,795,242 unique visitors, 33,003,286 visits. 258,109,795 pageviews. 31 days.

November 2018: 8,208,479 unique visitors, 34,643,939 visits. 240,973,768 pageviews. 30 days.

December 2018: 8,652,102 unique visitors, 34,860,568 visits. 242,092,520 pageviews. 31 days.

January 2019: 9,251,361 unique visitors, 37,865,408 visits. 260,881,761 pageviews. 31 days.

February 2019: 8,886,270 unique visitors, 39,103,994 visits. 268,748,350 Pageviews. 28 days.

March 2019: 8,177,326 unique visitors, 38,906,584 visits. 270,522,136 pageviews. 31 days.

April 2019: 6,903,061 unique visitors, 31,745,589 visits. 224,649,975 pageviews. 30 days.

Any Nairaland member can post advertisements on the areas of Nairaland where the people they want to reach are most likely to be found using the targeted ad platform that Nairaland operates (for example, a political party could place ads on the politics section with it).

The first step in placing ads on Nairaland is to have a professional graphic designer create your ad banner. Your ad banner must be in the PNG or JPG format, be borderless, 318 pixels wide by 106 pixels tall, and less than 30 kb in size. When it's ready, upload your banner ad and landing page to NAIRALAND by clicking (Upload Ad) and then wait for approval.

Following approval of your ad, we will give you instructions on how to buy advertising credits, enabling you to freely place your ads on any page of Nairaland, including the home page. By design, our system is very straightforward.

To learn how much it will ultimately cost to advertise on different Nairaland sections, please see our Estimated Advertising Rates (prices on the short term are strongly correlated with traffic levels). Every few minutes, billing occurs, and you will receive thorough reports on the number of unique clicks, views, and charges for each ad/section, as well as for your entire account over a range of time periods.

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