Nairaland Targeted Ads- All you need to know


You are all aware that the popular Nigerian website Nairaland should serve as a Google alternative for advertising in that country. Don't worry; you will learn why most ads on Nairaland are rejected for such obvious reasons right now. The questions you might have about sponsored ads on Nairaland are listed below.

How are they paid? each click? for each impression? each hour?

They charge based on the estimated value they deliver. This has a strong short-term correlation with traffic. As a result, when there is less traffic, you pay less, and when there is more traffic, you will probably be charged more. On the long run, that isn't the only thing they take into account. To ensure that you always get what you pay for, they have created a reliable pricing algorithm.

What kinds of advertisements would Nairaland reject?

Ads that we deem to be morally or ethically dubious in some way will be rejected by them. Since HYIPs and the majority of MLMs are fundamentally unsustainable, they reject ads for them. Since they are not as effective as claimed, NAFDAC rejects advertisements for health products that make such claims. They don't object to online betting and forex trading advertisements for moral reasons per se, but rather because they are aware that while the majority of customers of these businesses anticipate making money, the vast majority will actually lose money.

In order to prevent spamming of Nairaland users, they also reject some mailing list building ads. Only ads that are placed in the sexuality section will be accepted as sexual.

Are animated ads accepted?

No. This is as a result of their distraction. Without any animations, people will still notice your ads if they are eye-catching and precisely targeted.

My ad was posted on a Nairaland section, but it has been "pending" for a very long time. Why?

Each area of Nairaland has six advertising spaces. This indicates that only six advertisers can post their ads simultaneously on any Nairaland section.

Any attempt by additional advertisers to place ads on the same section after the six slots are full will result in a pending placement. However, the advertiser with the earliest pending placement will be given the slot once it is vacated by an advertiser for one of two reasons: manual removal or running out of ad credit. "First come, first served" means that.

How long will it take for a vacancy in an ad slot to be filled before my placements go into effect?

It is impossible to predict when an ad slot will be eliminated because everything will depend on what the current advertisers decide to do. But they have noticed that while some advertisers prefer to pause their ads at night, others prefer to do so on the weekends, particularly on Sundays.

What can I do while I wait for the current occupants of my desired ad slot to leave?

As you wait for your ad placement to go live, think about these things:

(1) Choosing very similar sections with open slots and no price premium, especially those that are being discounted, for your advertisement.

(2) Developing fresh advertisements to focus on less comparable sections. Please refrain from removing pending placements and submitting them again. You will be put at the very back of the line if you do that.

What are you doing about this problem, why is it more prominent in the section where I want to place my ads?

They recently introduced a clever algorithm that will gradually restore balance between the supply and demand for ad slots in the various forums' sections.


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