No condition can justify Suicide- Uzoma Sunday


Uzoma Sunday, better known as Logicman, a Nigerian filmmaker and the CEO of Logicman TV, has expressed sorrow over the recent suicide incidents in the nation.

On his Facebook and Twitter pages, the actor posted:

"Hiding behind "Depression is real" to commit suicide.
O boy listen, there are people who you are better than, you bought sniper because you had the money, isn't it?
Yes, there are people who do not even have money to buy sniper, yet they are living.
You bought a rope to hang yourself, is that not because you could afford it? What about people who do not have the money to buy a rope and are still living.
You will ask me if it is possible😃, it is.
No condition can justify Suicide, no excuse at all, no reason can be valid enough to justify such act. Listen, Depression is just a word just like HOPE, Endure, Subdue, etc.
Would you allow a word to take your World?
When such thought come to your mind, stand up and say to your demon "Satan Get behind me". You cannot give life, so you have no right to take it.
Reach out to your friends, spend time with your loved ones and above all, make peace with your creator.

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